Stedelijk Museum | ‘Ulay was here’ 

First posthumous retrospective of the work of Ulay

Contemporary art museum Stedelijk presents ULAY WAS HERE – MEET THE MASTER OF NO COMPROMISE , the first and largest retrospective so far of the work of performance artist Frank Uwe Laysiepen (Germany 1943–2020), known as Ulay.

Amsterdam was a city he loved for its freewheeling counterculture, openness, and “constructive” brand of anarchism. It is therefor a great honour Stedelijk Museum asked us to distribute guerrilla marketing across the city to reflect that anarchism feeling: large chalk graffiti, clings, fly posting and poster frames, spreading the message that once upon a time in Amsterdam

Exhibition runs from 21 November 2020 till 18 April 2021




  • {ingezette media opsommen}
  • {aantal uitingen}
  • {campagne periode / datum}
  • {missie van de campagne}
  • {voor wie is de campagne bedoeld / doelgroep}
  • {steden of landen waar de campagne is uitgezet} 


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